Friday, July 18, 2008


Newport International Film Festival director Louisa Percudani has moved across the country to head up the Sonoma Valley Film Festival, and subsequently invited SHERMAN'S WAY to screen August 12 as part of the festival's Second Tuesday Series. They've also generously invited me to be a part of the fun and I'm looking forward to showing the film in the very region where much of the story is set.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TV INTERVIEW: "IN with Tamara Henry"

My morning started bright and early as I made my way over the Sepulveda Pass and into Santa Monica where I was reunited with TV personality Tamara Henry, whom I met at the Gaia Film Festival in Boulder last month.

Tamara had interviewed a number of the filmmakers there, including yours truly, and was kind enough to invite me back for an in-studio interview.

Tamara's show "IN with Tamara Henry" airs throughout the greater Los Angeles area, and she couldn't have been a more gracious hostess. Prior to taping, she gave me a quick crash course in all things spiritual and shed some light on the conscious movement that was highlighted at the Gaia Fest.

I was taken aback when she introduced me on camera as "The Emperor of All Filmdom," a self-deprecating moniker I gave myself years ago when I felt I was dancing dangerously close to the fringe of obscurity in Hollywood.

The bulk of the half hour was devoted primarily to pre-taped interviews from the festival, as well as our trailer which Tamara plugged marvelously. It was fun, and as I'm sure many of you dear readers know, I'm not terribly shy on camera but as I told Michael on a call after the taping, I can't wait for the film's release when the publicity shifts its focus on to the actors and not the short, fat man behind the curtain. The segment is scheduled to air in September, but more info can be found at

Monday, July 14, 2008


I finally received from Mike a photo of him accepting the Audience Award for Best Feature from the Newport International Film Festival back in June. From what Mike told me, the photo doesn't do the glass sculpture justice, but I'm sure the "Clammy Award" looks stunning on his mantel.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Did everyone happen to catch our very own Enrico Colantoni's new series debut on CBS last night?

Rico plays Sgt Gregory Parker, the leader of an elite, SWAT-type police squad in FLASHPOINT, set and shot in Rico's home town of Toronto. One only needs to look at his work in GALAXY QUEST, JUST SHOOT ME, VERONICA MARS, SHERMAN'S WAY and now FLASHPOINT to see that Rico is probably he most versatile actor working today. Support this excellent show and be sure to tune in every Friday night at 10pm.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


It seems there is a grassroots campaign to elect our very own Sherman Black for President. Take a look at the media coverage thus far...